Cuban holiday – Varadero, Sunshine and Music

I have never considered traveling to a country like Cuba before coming to North America. It is always deemed as remote communism alliance that still lives in the sixtieth of China. Although China seems to have gone way ahead in terms of economy development, people will only realize how much they have missed in the fast transit of the past couple of decades.
I decided to commence this memorable trip by giving my cousin a thrilling surprise! So I quietly booked my ticket without telling anybody, while giving my cousin and aunt an illusion that I had to stay for work. Aunt Janny and Tai left a day earlier and I have told Cousin David and Emily that I would see them off at YVR. When time comes to the night for departure, I packed and quietly moved all my luggages to my new apartment then drove Cousin and Emily to YVR for goodbye. No doubt that living close to the airport had made all this trick possible! After parking my truck, Dirk dropped me off the airport and I was surprised to find cousin David was still lining for check in, which made my entire check-in process like ‘hide and seek’. Being the last to board, I realize someone was already sitting in the seat that I have booked next to my cousin. Apparently, cousin David didn’t even realize I was standing right next to him when I was reconfirming the seat with that guy. The moment he found me sitting down next to him, he was so surprised that he looks like his eyeballs were falling off! After about 30 seconds in silence, both he and I burst into laughter….
The air travel took about five hours and when we finally see the gulf of mexico beneath us in deep blue, it was bright and sunny outside the cabin. Tropical trees and landscapes can be clearly seen from the sky! That partly erased my fatigue from the sleepless on board the night before.
We landed at the Varadero airport by about 9 am. The airport itself looked more or less like a coach station, giving us a huge contrast to YVR. Were it not for the booming tourism, this airport could be even worse in shape, due to the wrecked economy in the past decades.
Cubans just dislike America, which was blamed for impoverishing the country by economic sanction since the 60s. The immigration officer looked at my passport on which it has a ten year valid US visa and questioned how I got it. Honestly, the questions seemed so senseless, but for making me realized how they don’t really welcome Americans in this country.
The atmosphere suddenly turned friendly once we passed through the immigration, though the toilet smelled the same with that in China. We soon boarded a bus that took us to the renowned Varadero beach, an area specially planned for tourism but segregated by a cannel from the rest of the country. Along the beach erected all the fancy hotels, locals could only have limited access to.



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